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About Hunyuan Fertility method

Most patients are aware of their ‘Windows Of Opportunity’ and often believe they are running out of time. In reality, a successful conception and pregnancy relate to the patient's health more then to the patient's age. More specifically it relates to the amount of pivot that a woman can generate in her ovum. The best way to increase a woman's ability to produce ovum pivot is with the Hunyuan fertility method. A forward looking method rooted in the ancient past of Chinese medicine. In our center, a 40-year-old patient, who gains her health back through the Hunyuan Method ® (including general and reproductive health) can produce as much pivot as a yopunder female, and therefore stands a better chance of conceiving and maintaining pregnancy.

When a couple doesn't conceive on their own (or with the help of IVF), it is time to try something new. The most cutting edge concept fo infertility treatment is the Hunyuan method. We recommend trying it before invasive surgeries, fertility drug injections and IVF. Get healthy first and discover that you can concieve on your own without artificial intervention.

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patient testimonial infertility

infertility patient testimonial

infertility patient testimonial

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